Tuesday, September 2, 2008

This is the new beat..

ANALOGSIX “listen to the heartbeat” CDep
After a long wait, finally Analogsix come with an EP that can seduce me dancing to the tune they’ve delivered. I really like this band, not because they are my friends but I love the energy when they are performing live. Each of their performance really enthusiast me because I see that they have guts to dress up like 80’s band, cool looking spec, skinny and colorful jeans/shirts, and always put some 80’s vibes into me and the crowd and got me dancing slowly (I’m too shy to dance). A few dickhead in Indonesia really hate this band and said that they are copying The Upstairs. What the f**k? So The Upstairs are truly ORIGINAL? Hahaha.. They make me laugh with their nationalistic bast**d statement. To hell with them and I really love this band. Okay, let’s start with their EP. If you love New Order, Flock of Seagull, Duran Duran or most 80’s pop band, you will definitely love this EP. In this EP they’ve delivered 5 songs to give more excitement to my ears. They’ve opened my enthusiasm with the first song in this EP, “Lonely cowboy in the desert” which is an instrumental song. Its make me eager to hear more from the band. The next song; “2082” makes me really feel old school with the nice tune from the digital drum machine and synth. The third song; “Run Fun Fun” really fun and energetic. Makes me dance faster (alone while listening to this CD right now). Hehe.. The fourth song; “Ballad for Mr. Jalutfinto” is a little bit mellow. Suitable with the title and I know the true story behind this song. An emo song for me. Hehe.. The last song; “Dansa jika kau mahu” is my favorite one. It suits the band really well. It puts all the energy in this song and for sure people will sing a long with this song. Dance to the beat. Move your body and listen to the heartbeat! Recommended.

Rating - 3 1/2


anas said...

sedap ke? asal dorg dress up pelik2? x indie lngsung

Si Jambi Darat said...

tu la pasal..dah la kena claim the upstairs malaysia!hahahah
mmg x indie!