Thursday, August 28, 2008

Cinta itu indah..

Aku pasti ramai antara kalian yangg menggemari kisah ini. Tepukan gemuruh diberikan. Huhuhuhu..minggu lepas sebelum berangkat ke KL, aku de
ngan si dia singgah ke kedai menjual dvd di sebuah shopping kompleks yg agak terkenal di JB. Aku telah ketemu dengan dvd kisah ini. Memang sudah lama aku ingin memilikinya. Bukan aku tidak pernah tengok filem ini, tapi sekadar mahu memiliki yg asli sebagai koleksi karena terlalu mencintai kisah ini. Begitu juga dengan novelnya. Tidak kusangka, penulis muda dari Indonesia ini sangat matang dalam penulisannya. Setiap apa yang ditulis telah membuatkan ku benar-benar mahu menghayati kisah ini. Sedikit sinopsis yang bisa aku ceritakan pada kalian.
Kisah ini kisah cinta tapi bukan cuma sekadar kisah cinta yang biasa. Kisah ini tentang bagaimana menghadapi turun-naiknya persoalan hidup dengan cara Islam. Fahri bin Abdillah adalah pelajar Indonesia yang berusaha menggapai
gelar masternya di Al Ahzar. Beliau tabah menjalani kehidupan di kota Cairo, Mesir. Pelbagai target ingin dicapai Fahri begitu juga dengan kesederhanaan hidup kecuali satu iaitu menikah. Fahri berkenalan dengan seorang gadis bernama Maria Girgis, tetangga satu flat yang beragama Kristian Koptik tapi mengagumi Al-Quran dan juga menganggumi Fahri dalam diam. Akhirnya kekaguman itu berubah menjadi cinta namun cintanya Maria terhadap Fahri hanya tercatat dalam sebuah diari saja. Dalam masa itu juga, Fahri mengenali seorang gadis. Namanya Noura, tetangga yang sering disiksa oleh bapanya. Fahri sangat bersimpati dengan hidupnya. Namun Noura mengharap lebih daripadnya. Terakhir muncullah Aisha. Sungguh terharu melihatkan pengorbanan yang dilakukan gadis ini. Gadis yang mempunyai sepasang mata yang indah. Aku sendiri jatuh cinta pada matanya. Sejak kejadian di metro, saat Fahri membela Islam dari tuduhan kolot dan kaku orang-orang Mesir, Aisha jatuh cinta pada Fahri. Begitu juga dengan Fahri. Beliau tidak boleh membohongi hatinya sendiri..
Maka, pelbagai masalah dan pergolakan yang besar telah timbul dan kalian harus lihat bagaimana mereka menyelesaikannya. Siapa yang dipilih Fahri? Bolehkah beliau menghadapi semua ini mengikut ajaran Islam yang diyakini? Ben
arkah cinta sejati memerlukan pengorbanan yang besar?

Kalian harus menonton kisah ini. Aku percaya selesai kalian menontonya pasti kalian juga akan jatuh cinta sepertimana diriku. AYAT-AYAT CINTA kisah cinta terbaik pernah ku baca dan juga ku tonton. Terbukti sudah bahawa penulisnya memenangi award novel terpuji di Indonesia. Aku sangat menggalakkan kalian menonton kisah ini dan menghayati setiap babak-babak dalam kisah ini.

Rating - 4
(Ulasan oleh preciousdiamond)

This is HARDCORE..

AMERICAN HARDCORE: A Tribal History by Steven Blush
I've been looking for this book for a long time. Thanx to Rizman for giving me a copy of American Hardcore movie version. But this is the book version of American Hardcore. I've bought this book last week and its really worth my RM80. For me, passion is more important from everything. American Hardcore: A Tribal History not only recapitulates an important and influential scene, its provocative sociological snapshots reveal the apocalyptic desperation of a singular time in American history. Author Steven Blush was a prime mover in the scene he writes about; in the ’80s, he promoted many hardcore tours and shows, DJ’s in influential college radio show, and ran a record label. Later Blush published Seconds magazine, and wrote for Paper, Spin, Interview, Village Voice, Details and High Times magazines. The primary photographers included in this volume are Edward Colver and Karen O’Sullivan. Flyers, set lists, logos, and record covers have been provided by many collectors, and the book includes an extensive discography of Hardcore rock releases from 1980 to 1986. He talks with some of the biggest names in the scene including: Milo Aukermen, Brian Baker, Jello Biafra, Dez Cadena, Glenn Danzig, Greg Ginn, Greg Graffin, Jack Grisham, Brett Gurewitz, Ian Mackaye, Mike Ness, Henry Rollins, Mike Watt, and many more both of larger and smaller bands spread throughout country. This personal accounts and the telling of many private and unknown stories gives the book a very intimate feel and by the end, I felt as if I understood some of the frequent contributors better and was better able to understand some of their more personal lyrics and songs.
The book is divided into four parts, each with its own chapters. The first part takes a look at why hardcore happened, what were the major influences within and around the scene that prompted it to react the way it did. The second part is definetly the best part. This part was about the bands and the scenes from all over the country. The best thing is that this book isn't all about the west coast or the east coast, the author attempted and made a really good effort to cover every scene from every area around the country. The third part tends to drag on bit as it talks about the formation of labels, artwork, the d.i.y ethic, and media portray in movies and TV. The fourth and final section is about the demise of hardcore and why after 86 or so it became irrelevant, at least in this author's eyes, as most of the good bands quit or started new projects that were labeled "post hardcore" or "emo". A really interesting part at the end has many of the big names from the scene discussing punk/hardcore and its relevance today, and how today's scene differs from then.
A good source about hardcore history. But for me, I prefer more to read this book than watching the DVD version. The storyboards is more clear than the movie version. Can't wait to have MALAYSIAN HARDCORE book. hehehe...

Rating - 3 1/2


This is some of the latest CD I've got...

Deepset "the light we shed shall burn your eyes" CD
This is the latest album I've got this week. This CD is still playing in my CD player until today. Yes, I love this CD.
Previously know as Deepset Joy (now Deepset), it's no news to the people that Deepset is one of the most thoughtful and talented post-rock band coming from Kuala Lumpur. This Kuala Lumpur quartet has already released one self-titled EP a few back years. One good turn another, they've finally released an album called "The light we shed shall burn your eyes" is a masterpiece of relentless beauty and soul. They really put a strong sense of psychedelic ambience that adds a great effect to their songs and put out a unique atmosphere that only they can creat. The music rise and falls severals times as the melodies shift back and forth. After a little while, the music begins to slow down and recede, when as usual, the drums come in and the guitars distort and it grows and explode in the end and that time I just move my head to the melodies. All of their songs have their own blend of depression, angry, pain, happy and sometimes really makes me wanna cry. I don't know what to say. It feels like I'm walking down memory lane,memorizing my childhood years. The ups and downs I faced through the years of being a kids. Then face the truth reality of this fuck up world. The major problem that stems from this album is the fact that it sound remarkably similar to the mighty Japanese post-rocker, Mono but who cares as I really love this album so much. Deepset demonstrate with "The light we shed shall burn your eyes" that feelings and emotions can be provoke not by ear-crushing,heavy pounding noise but with simple melodies driven by true heart and soul. Really recommended!!

Rating - 4

Catch their showcase this Friday (29th Aug 2008)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Engineer Recs kick *ss too!

Here are a few CD's that I got from Engineer Recs..

RED CAR BURNS “..when everything seems to be in silence” CD
The production of this CD really turns me on! I really love the effort for the label and the band itself. The artwork is so awesome and really suits the music they playing. Red car Burns deliver a perfect combination of melodic hardcore and punk rock. This CD deliver 11 full energetic tunes with melodious guitar riffs and hearty emotional vocal that can make all the lovers mosh, sing-a-long and dance to the beat. Absolutely perfect for the melody to turn you upside down and this won’t let you bored for a single moment! Simple but deep guitar riffs and melodies are mixed with introspective lyrics and feelings of desperation expressed through their deeply emotional music. Owh, I forgot to tell you that this band came from Italy and they obviously inspired by Hot Water Music, Jawbreaker and Leatherface. This is a must for all the punk rockers out there.

Rating - 3

SPEEDWELL“My life is a series of vacations” EP
Again; I really love this EP! Speedwell play the kind of music that will appeal to fans of The Get Up Kids, The Promise Ring, Jimmy Eat World and Weezer. Sometimes it reminds me of The Anniversary. Speedwell has had a long time reputation for providing fans with beautifully harmonic music, with dual vocals and the presence of a keyboard. It’s creating the originality there. The first track really made me fall in love to Speedwell. The opening track “Calling On Columbia Pike” enters with a slick keyboard tempo, and leads into a really catchy riff. Once the two co-exist, the complementation between them is awesome and makes for a great song. “This Is Us” which kicks interesting sound, distortion before unfolding into a melodic tune that builds up with heartfelt lyrics, gathering pace at each turn. “Two Conquests” shows the more harmonic edge to the band with this slow paced ballad tune. A very heartfelt tune that really turn me on and they really add a level of ambiance to the already immense beauty of the song. "Your Atlantic" is a little more up-beat, and starts off with a really catchy collaboration of music. The ending is happier than the other two tracks before this song. I wish I could hear more but I can’t. It’s only has 4 song. I want more from this band. Another strong release under Engineer Records. This is a great release and you definitely won’t regret it.

Rating - 3 1/2

NINE DAYS TO NO ONE “Disrecordings” CD
This is the first time I’m hearing about Nine Days To No One. At first I wasn't sure but after listening to it a second time I started to really like this EP. The EP kicks off with fine style with the chaotic, discordant blast of "Gala Contemplating...". "Alban Mount" is more of an atmospheric, semi-instrumental, haunting but not too dark. From this point on the style changes. Both tracks three and four follow similar mix of ambience and dissonant riffs, and the Dillinger Escape Plan inspired chaos doesn't reappear until the final song. The songs are straight forward and are sometimes very chaotic. The music is filled with screams and hard pounding guitar riffs. Chaos, fast riffs, slow riffs, the record has it all. Nine Days really remind me of the band Dillinger Escape Plan and Drowning Man but they manage to mix it up to be different. It’s really exciting to have this piece of stuff. I’ll try to compare with similar band but I’ve fail. Damn you! Hahaha.. Only one world can describe this band; unique!

Rating - 3

CATALYST / CALM MURDER “Two sides of the suicide king” Split CD
"Two sides of the Suicide King" is the spilt CD release with four tracks from Catalyst and four tracks from Calm Murder. This CD is guaranteed to get you moving around. The CD consists of only eight songs but I guarantee it will leave you wanting more. Both bands play the really edgy, underground-sounding type of metalcore that has it’s aggressive moments, slightly melodic undertones in the guitar riffs that fits quite nicely for both of the band’s styles. Catalyst starts the records off by taking me back about 10 years ago. Their songs are fast, dark and heavy with breakdowns. The guitars are fairly metallic all the way through and leaving to be metalcore. There a little bit sludge feeling into their sounds. When you hear their sound, you can also feel a tough guy attitude into their songs. It’s reminds me of Coalesce and Darkest Hour. Calm Murder follows with the next four explosive tracks. Their sound is very artistic. Get ready for intense screaming followed by raging guitars and a "nothing but" heavy drum beat. Calm Murder is not the same as Catalyst but they bring a unique sound which makes for the perfect mix for a hardcore CD. This band really made me think of Zao and a little touch of Undying. You will get a highly pitch screaming by the vocalist followed by the chaotic drumming and technical guitar riff that make Clam Murder the absolute winner in this split CD. If you are into hardcore music this CD is essential. Two great bands for you guys to check out. Don't get left behind and miss out on an opportunity to hear two bands that will have everyone talking very soon.

Rating - 3

Revelation kick some **s!

Here are some stuff that i got from Revelation Recs..

JUDGE “What it meant – The complete discography” CD
Hell yeah! I can’t stop screaming when I got this CD to review. But it is a hard job for me to review this great release by the best band I ever heard. Judge really influences my life to be positive in what ever I do. Judge was formed as somewhat of a project band in the late-80's when Mike Judge and Porcell were in Youth of Today and went on to become one of the heaviest and most legendarily in your face straightedge bands of the time period. This CD compiles all release by Judge including one rare album "Chung King Can Suck It" LP and "Don Fury Demo" from 1988 and presents it in chronological order. It also comes along with thick booklet that includes plenty of old band photos, the original record covers, all of the lyrics, and some liner notes courtesy of Porcell. For me the best album that Judge has done is "Bringin' It Down". This album brought the balance between hardcore and metallic riffing melody. The powerful energetic hardcore from each track gave me an excitement while listening to this album. 4 albums in one CD. 28 tracks of total running time about 70 minutes. Enough for me!

Rating - 3 1/2

END OF A YEAR “Sincerely” CD
"We wanted to play music we liked so we got together and did that shit. No one else really liked it and we were pretty comfortable being the band who tours the country but no one really likes and then Revelation called one day and it was pretty weird but I like the Kiss It Goodbye record a lot so we decided to go with it. End bio." That was so cool. Once again, Revelation has put out a great album from the great band. I really can’t believe it when I got this CD for review. I really love this band. Their attitude. Their music and their lyrics. So damn great! I can’t even think a word to describe how I feel about this Albany band. End Of A Year rules. If you guys out there who not familiar with this band, they sound like DC hardcore band such as Fugazi and Embrace. “Sincerely” is really not a disappointment. The lyrics are superb. Its capture the emotional problems inside our self and people around us. Sometimes its become more personal with hope and dreams and for all its beauty, it makes me flying with the sound of their music. This album in my opinion is the best album I ever get in the past few years. It’s still running in my player until today. This album can change my mood from bad to beautiful, happier and give more energy. I hope more kids in Malaysia will be listening to them and feel the same how grateful I am now.

Rating - 4

Tuesday, August 26, 2008



26/08/08.. Lahirnya blog bernama Si Jambi Darat. Dalam blog ni takde la cerita pasal life aku semata-mata. Takde juga ayat bunga-bunga serta puitis-puitis. Blog ni aku rasa nak mengulas benda-benda yang best di sekeliling aku. Apa je yang berlaku semua aku cuba coretkan tapi bergantung pada kerajinan aku la ye..hehehe. Blog ni jugak bukan tempat aku rasa 'macam bagus' asik nak kutuk orang lain.

Aku pun dah tak tau nak tapi apa lagi dah. Dah 3 hari aku tak berak. Aku nak cuba berak jap lagi.. Jumpa di lain post ye..