Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Revelation kick some **s!

Here are some stuff that i got from Revelation Recs..

JUDGE “What it meant – The complete discography” CD
Hell yeah! I can’t stop screaming when I got this CD to review. But it is a hard job for me to review this great release by the best band I ever heard. Judge really influences my life to be positive in what ever I do. Judge was formed as somewhat of a project band in the late-80's when Mike Judge and Porcell were in Youth of Today and went on to become one of the heaviest and most legendarily in your face straightedge bands of the time period. This CD compiles all release by Judge including one rare album "Chung King Can Suck It" LP and "Don Fury Demo" from 1988 and presents it in chronological order. It also comes along with thick booklet that includes plenty of old band photos, the original record covers, all of the lyrics, and some liner notes courtesy of Porcell. For me the best album that Judge has done is "Bringin' It Down". This album brought the balance between hardcore and metallic riffing melody. The powerful energetic hardcore from each track gave me an excitement while listening to this album. 4 albums in one CD. 28 tracks of total running time about 70 minutes. Enough for me!

Rating - 3 1/2

END OF A YEAR “Sincerely” CD
"We wanted to play music we liked so we got together and did that shit. No one else really liked it and we were pretty comfortable being the band who tours the country but no one really likes and then Revelation called one day and it was pretty weird but I like the Kiss It Goodbye record a lot so we decided to go with it. End bio." That was so cool. Once again, Revelation has put out a great album from the great band. I really can’t believe it when I got this CD for review. I really love this band. Their attitude. Their music and their lyrics. So damn great! I can’t even think a word to describe how I feel about this Albany band. End Of A Year rules. If you guys out there who not familiar with this band, they sound like DC hardcore band such as Fugazi and Embrace. “Sincerely” is really not a disappointment. The lyrics are superb. Its capture the emotional problems inside our self and people around us. Sometimes its become more personal with hope and dreams and for all its beauty, it makes me flying with the sound of their music. This album in my opinion is the best album I ever get in the past few years. It’s still running in my player until today. This album can change my mood from bad to beautiful, happier and give more energy. I hope more kids in Malaysia will be listening to them and feel the same how grateful I am now.

Rating - 4

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