Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Engineer Recs kick *ss too!

Here are a few CD's that I got from Engineer Recs..

RED CAR BURNS “..when everything seems to be in silence” CD
The production of this CD really turns me on! I really love the effort for the label and the band itself. The artwork is so awesome and really suits the music they playing. Red car Burns deliver a perfect combination of melodic hardcore and punk rock. This CD deliver 11 full energetic tunes with melodious guitar riffs and hearty emotional vocal that can make all the lovers mosh, sing-a-long and dance to the beat. Absolutely perfect for the melody to turn you upside down and this won’t let you bored for a single moment! Simple but deep guitar riffs and melodies are mixed with introspective lyrics and feelings of desperation expressed through their deeply emotional music. Owh, I forgot to tell you that this band came from Italy and they obviously inspired by Hot Water Music, Jawbreaker and Leatherface. This is a must for all the punk rockers out there.

Rating - 3

SPEEDWELL“My life is a series of vacations” EP
Again; I really love this EP! Speedwell play the kind of music that will appeal to fans of The Get Up Kids, The Promise Ring, Jimmy Eat World and Weezer. Sometimes it reminds me of The Anniversary. Speedwell has had a long time reputation for providing fans with beautifully harmonic music, with dual vocals and the presence of a keyboard. It’s creating the originality there. The first track really made me fall in love to Speedwell. The opening track “Calling On Columbia Pike” enters with a slick keyboard tempo, and leads into a really catchy riff. Once the two co-exist, the complementation between them is awesome and makes for a great song. “This Is Us” which kicks interesting sound, distortion before unfolding into a melodic tune that builds up with heartfelt lyrics, gathering pace at each turn. “Two Conquests” shows the more harmonic edge to the band with this slow paced ballad tune. A very heartfelt tune that really turn me on and they really add a level of ambiance to the already immense beauty of the song. "Your Atlantic" is a little more up-beat, and starts off with a really catchy collaboration of music. The ending is happier than the other two tracks before this song. I wish I could hear more but I can’t. It’s only has 4 song. I want more from this band. Another strong release under Engineer Records. This is a great release and you definitely won’t regret it.

Rating - 3 1/2

NINE DAYS TO NO ONE “Disrecordings” CD
This is the first time I’m hearing about Nine Days To No One. At first I wasn't sure but after listening to it a second time I started to really like this EP. The EP kicks off with fine style with the chaotic, discordant blast of "Gala Contemplating...". "Alban Mount" is more of an atmospheric, semi-instrumental, haunting but not too dark. From this point on the style changes. Both tracks three and four follow similar mix of ambience and dissonant riffs, and the Dillinger Escape Plan inspired chaos doesn't reappear until the final song. The songs are straight forward and are sometimes very chaotic. The music is filled with screams and hard pounding guitar riffs. Chaos, fast riffs, slow riffs, the record has it all. Nine Days really remind me of the band Dillinger Escape Plan and Drowning Man but they manage to mix it up to be different. It’s really exciting to have this piece of stuff. I’ll try to compare with similar band but I’ve fail. Damn you! Hahaha.. Only one world can describe this band; unique!

Rating - 3

CATALYST / CALM MURDER “Two sides of the suicide king” Split CD
"Two sides of the Suicide King" is the spilt CD release with four tracks from Catalyst and four tracks from Calm Murder. This CD is guaranteed to get you moving around. The CD consists of only eight songs but I guarantee it will leave you wanting more. Both bands play the really edgy, underground-sounding type of metalcore that has it’s aggressive moments, slightly melodic undertones in the guitar riffs that fits quite nicely for both of the band’s styles. Catalyst starts the records off by taking me back about 10 years ago. Their songs are fast, dark and heavy with breakdowns. The guitars are fairly metallic all the way through and leaving to be metalcore. There a little bit sludge feeling into their sounds. When you hear their sound, you can also feel a tough guy attitude into their songs. It’s reminds me of Coalesce and Darkest Hour. Calm Murder follows with the next four explosive tracks. Their sound is very artistic. Get ready for intense screaming followed by raging guitars and a "nothing but" heavy drum beat. Calm Murder is not the same as Catalyst but they bring a unique sound which makes for the perfect mix for a hardcore CD. This band really made me think of Zao and a little touch of Undying. You will get a highly pitch screaming by the vocalist followed by the chaotic drumming and technical guitar riff that make Clam Murder the absolute winner in this split CD. If you are into hardcore music this CD is essential. Two great bands for you guys to check out. Don't get left behind and miss out on an opportunity to hear two bands that will have everyone talking very soon.

Rating - 3

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