Thursday, September 11, 2008

Freedom Film Festival 2008

Freedom Film Fest 2008 tajaan KOMAS akan mengadakan tayangan di Tropical Inn Hotel, Johor Bahru, Johor bermula esok, Jumaat, 12 sept 2008, hingga Ahad, 14 sept 2008 pada pukul 11 pagi hingga 11 malam setiap hari. Pihak penganjur memerlukan sukarelawan dari sekitar Johor Bahru untuk menjayakan program ini. Jika ada warga Johor Bahru yang sudi memberi pertolongan secara sukarela sama ada pada 12, 13, 14, pada masa-masa yang tertentu, sila hubungi Nyam (koordinator FFF JB) di 016-7782707 untuk pengesahan hari dan waktu yang anda dapat menghadirkan diri. Jika tidak dapat memberi pertolongan sukarela, sila hadir dan tonton tayangan-tayangan filem oleh pihak penganjur.

Untuk maklumat yang selanjutnya dan jadual tayangan, sila lawati laman web

A little bit info about Freedom Film Festival 2008

Three days of human rights films by award winning local and international filmmakers plus talks, exhibitions, NGO booths, Tikar Talk and much much more! Freedom Film Fest is the first of its kind to be organised in Malaysia, creating opportunities for local filmmakers and social activists to use their film making craft to express social concerns and human rights issues.

This year's theme "Democratic Space – Making Room for Human Rights" was chosen to draw attention to the deteriorating state of democracy in Malaysia. What was once a desperate situation of increasing restrictions to freedom of speech, assembly, information, free and fair elections, religious practice and other basic rights, since the March elections and with the dawn of a new political era, the space suddenly feels bigger.

The questions that still beg to be asked are: what really is democracy, where are the democratic spaces in Malaysia and what can we do as citizens to reclaim the space?

Check out this link to see the full schedule of screening times for all the films -- including times and titles.

The event is open to the public and is completely free. To make a reservation, please email freedomfilmfest@gmail.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

FFF2008 will also be held in the following cities

Johor Bahru,Tropical Inn, 12 to 14 September
Kuching, Old Court House, 19 to 21 September
Penang, Wawasan Open University, 26 to 28 September

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Over three days, FFF2008 will screen over 20 thought-provoking films from all over the world. Among them are Seelan Palay from Singapore ("One Nation Under Lee"), Indon filmmaker Ariani Darmawan ("Dragons Beget Dragons") and Malaysia's very own filmmaker and activist, Chi Too ("What Forest?").

The festival will also have a special screening of international award winning documentaries including "The War on Democracy" by critically acclaimed journalist John Pilger and "Anna, Seven Years on the Frontline" the story of the controversial Russian journalist who was assassinated, directed by Masha Nokikova.

FFF2008 will also feature a photo exhibition with photographs submitted by the public exploring the very idea of "Democratic Space." Plus local favourite, Tikar Talk, dialogue sessions between the public and filmmakers, returns to KL.

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The winners of the FFF2008 Dare2Document filmmaking competition will also premiere their films at the event and will each be presented with the Justin Louis Award at the FFF2008 Awards Ceremony. Ultimately only the most exceptional film will take home "Most Outstanding Human Rights Film" title. The films are:-

"Who Speaks for Me?" by Justin Johari Azaman, explores the question of freedom of expression with regards to "sensitive issues" in Malaysia. In light of Namewee's "Negarakuku" and past years' issues surrounding religion, the documentary will feature hip hop group DNA attempting to explore the possibilities of addressing these "sensitive issues" through music.

"Pilihanraya Umum Malaysia ke-12: Demokerasi Atau Rebutan Kerusi" by Abror Rivai, looks at whether elections in Malaysian are free and fair. In 2007 the Election Commission made an announcement that indelible ink would be used to prevent votes from being cast more than once but four days before election day, it was ruled out for "security reasons." What do such practices say about the democratic process in Malaysia?

"Pecah Lobang" by Poh Si Teng, explores what it's like to be a Muslim transsexual sex worker in Malaysia. Shot in the Chow Kit red light district, the documentary revolves around Natasha, a Muslim mak nyah who refuses to live life as a man. Unable to secure employment because of discrimination, Natasha turns to sex work and lives in constant fear of the police and religious authorities.

(taken from Freedom Film Fest website)


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